Chapter Five – Planting the Seeds

1994, Pre-Pulse Gillette, Wyoming – Manticore Facility

Dr. Albert Sandeman stared silently at the results of his experiment. Reviewing the report in front of him, he smiled. This twisted ladder comprised of chemicals, sugar and phosphate molecules held the key to the future.

After repeated attempts and as many failures, Sandeman had successfully managed to manipulate the sequencing. Using recombinant DNA, genes spliced from various animals, he had fused it into the existing human DNA from the embryos provided by Manticore. Once the fetuses developed, the outcome would be staggering. Fully functional hybrids with extremely quick reflexes, the ability to see in the dark, to jump, run and fight faster and better than any human. The prototype soldier Manticore had been after for years.

And it was his research, his life’s work that had made this possible. Little did they know his real reason for taking on this project. Dr. Albert Sandeman had coded the DNA sequences in one of the embryos with a message to coming generations. A message that would appear in time. His plan was now in motion.

“My love,” he whispered quietly to the empty lab, “I made you a promise. And I have kept my word. The carriers of this DNA will be special. They will be able to stop ‘The Coming’. The world will finally be free of the evil that is the Conclave and the Cult. Never again will they be allowed to destroy what is not rightfully theirs. Our family will be avenged.”

Sandeman carefully loaded the vials one by one onto a tray. He placed the most successful of his experiments at the front. They were the fifth series he had created, the first that was a complete triumph. These children would be known as X5’s. He labeled them all carefully: 205, 210, 392, 417, 452, 453, 471, 493, 494, 511, 599, 600, 656, 657, 701, 734, 766.

He continued labeling the remaining vials and collected the tray. Placing it carefully in the cooler, he motioned to a lab tech to take the samples to the medical center. It was time to begin the insemination process.

Colonel Donald Lydecker entered the laboratory and looked around. Noticing the white-coated scientist hunched over his desk at the far end of the room, he stepped forward.

“Good morning, Albert. How’s our little project progressing?”

“Donald! You’ll be pleased to hear we’ve made a successful breakthrough. The X5 series has been perfected, and right on schedule, I might add.” Sandeman gave him a self-satisfied smile. I’ve done it. And no one’s the wiser.

Lydecker rubbed his hands in glee. “Very good. Get me the lab reports on all the test subjects. I’ve got big plans for these children. They are our future.”

Sandeman handed Lydecker the files. You have no idea how right you are, Donald. Not an inkling, he thought smugly as he watched the Colonel

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