Two factions are at war; one vying for ultimate control and world domination, the other trying to prevent it. The game is more complex than you might have imagined and not all the players are what they seem. How do our favorite characters factor into everything? DA rewrite, AU. (Rated: PG13)

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This is a Max/Logan friendship fic in which Logan plays a large part in helping Max, her family and friends. Various pairings include but are not limited to: Max/Alec, Logan/Asha, Zack/OFC, Zane/Jondy.

Major AU going on in the sense that Ben hasn’t gone psycho (his ultimate whereabouts and lifestyle may or may not shock you :p), Lydecker isn’t Evil Incarnate, White’s in for a surprise and Sandeman’s influence is far-reaching.

Disclaimer: Dark Angel and all related elements belong to Cameron Eglee Productions and FOX. No copyright infringement intended. Only original characters and ideas are mine. All use of Dark Angel themes, etc. is purely for entertainment purposes and I am in no way receiving benefit of any kind from this (aside from the satisfaction of writing things as I see fit!)


About the story: Complete overhaul of the series; includes our favorite canon baddies, the elusive Dr. Sandeman, and Lydecker’s hidden agenda. Features various pairings and canon o’niners, is also Logan friendly. Story is AU but with many canon elements tweaked to my own purposes :)

Note: This story is undergoing a rewrite for improvement.

Further notations: Chaos was my baby; my first mutli-chaptered story, and one I’ve planned for long and hard. It’s a huge project, being a rewrite of the show, but I wanted to give my own spin to things and keep and kill different characters. I also attempt to answer some of the many questions raised in the two seasons that were aired. Who was Sandeman and what was his real plan? What was Renfro’s connection to all this? Why was Lydecker so intent on his kids? How did Hannah Sukova get mixed up in Manticore? The list goes on. I like to think I did a good job in giving some history and reasons for certain decisions, people and situations.

This story was started a few years ago when I was still wet behind the ears and more than a little green. I’d like to think I’ve come a long way since then. This is the reason for the overhaul – I hope to take the existing story and make it easier to read, more cohesive, simplify the over complicated and elaborate on things that may have been too vague. Bear with me as this is a work in progress! Thanks :)